Workshop "Creating JATS XML from DOCX Documents in HRČAK"

12. 12. 2023.

On December 8, 2023, the workshop titled "Creating JATS XML from DOCX documents in HRČAK" was held, organized by SRCE. Editors from six journals on HRČAK actively participated in the workshop. Throughout the session, participants had the opportunity to edit their DOCX files in accordance with the guidelines for preparing DOCX documents, enabling automatic conversion to JATS XML for publication on the HRČAK portal.

During the workshop, editors familiarized themselves with styles for formatting titles and subtitles, learned how to adjust page numbering properly, edit the header and footer of the document, and insert footnotes. Scientific and professional papers often include formulas and image materials, and participants were guided on how to correctly format formulas and functions within a DOCX document and insert images for accurate display in an XML document. A portion of the workshop was dedicated to the creation of tables, as specific rules for formatting table elements must be adhered to when converting a DOCX document to JATS XML. Participants also learned how to link citations within an article to the list of references at the end of the document.

The workshop aimed to empower editors to edit real articles in DOCX format, convert them to JATS XML, and subsequently publish them on the HRČAK portal.

Owing to overwhelming interest, the next workshop is scheduled for January 26, 2024, and all available spots are currently filled. We are pleased to announce that, based on editors' interest, monthly workshops will be continued.

This workshop was conducted as part of the Creating a Robust Accessible Federated Technology for Open Access (CRAFT-OA) project, in which SRCE participates as one of the partners. The project aims to technologically enhance platforms and tools for publishing Open Access (OA) journals, establish a sustainable community working on improving the entire OA infrastructure, enhance the visibility and recognition of diamond OA journals, and integrate Diamond OA publishing with EOSC (European Science Cloud) and other large-scale data aggregators.

In Croatia, SRCE provides the technological infrastructure for diamond open access. HRČAK currently hosts more than 530 scientific and professional journals, offering OA to over 288,400 papers.