In order to manage as efficiently as possible, the HR-ZOO project is divided into six groups of project activities (PA):

Project management includes the coordination of all project activities and the work of project teams.



Project Management Team (PMT) is the body responsible for the timely and complete implementation of all project activities in accordance with the implementation plan.

Project Office provides support to the Project Management Team through administrative and financial monitoring and reporting on the project activities implementation with attention to effective:

  • time management
  • human resource management
  • cost management
  • management of public procurement procedures
  • risk management
  • quality management.

SRCE is coordinator of all project activities and fully responsible for the implementation of the project. Project Management Team consists of project activity coordinators with many years of experience in design, construction and maintenance of all components of e-infrastructures.

Partner Council is the body that provides guidelines and recommendations for the management of the Project. Partner Council consists of the leaders or authorized representatives of all project partners.