TN Srce DEI 2023

After this year's successful conference, SRCE is organizing the annual conference SRCE DEI 2023 from 28 to 30 March 2023, in the premises of the Mozaik Event Center and SRCE.

On 6th and 7th of October, a series of EDSSI 2 project activity meetings are being held in Zagreb at the SRCE premises, where the participants discuss the activities achieved and further steps in the implementation of the project. The director of SRCE, Ivan Marić, welcomed the participants.

International Conference Digital Art History – Methods, Practices, Epistemologies IV will be held at National and University Library, Zagreb on 3rd and 4th of October.

SRCE's delegation participated at International conference PUBMET2022.

University Computing Centre (SRCE) has a long tradition in the area of information and communication technologies. It was founded in 1971 within the University of Zagreb, the only Croatian university at the time, with the purpose to enhance the implementation of information technologies in the academic community as well as in Croatia in general.

Today, SRCE is the main computing centre and the architect of the e-infrastructure, covering both the University of Zagreb and the whole research and high education system. Furthermore, SRCE is the competence center for information and communication technologies as well as the center for education and support in the area of ICT application.


As the major national infrastructural ICT institution in the area of research and higher education in Croatia, SRCE is providing a modern, sustainable and reliable e-infrastructure for research and education community. This includes computing and cloud services, high performance computing, advanced networking, communication systems and services, middleware, data and information systems and infrastructure. At the same time SRCE acts as the computing and information centre of the largest Croatian university – the University of Zagreb, and is responsible for the coordination of the development and usage of e-infrastructure at the University.

SRCE continuously enriches academic and reserach e-infrastructure and its own service portfolio enabling the active participation of Croatia and Croatian scientists in global research and higher education area and projects.


International cooperation plays a key role in economic and social development and in solving major global challenges, but the role of international cooperation is particularly important in development of information and communication technologies. In such context, SRCE has been participating and taking active part in international projects for decades. SRCE participates in the work of a number of international associations and organisations, while continuing formal and informal contacts with other international institutions and experts.

Through membership in international associations and organizations and through collaboration in international projects SRCE provides, besides the exchange of knowledge and experiences, integration of Croatia and Croatian scientists into the European Research (ERA) and European Higher Education (EHEA) Area.