Information System of Student Rights is used to gather data on students, relevant for the purpose of determining the level of student rights. The system is in ownership of the Croatian ministry of science, education and sports. Various user demands rely on informations about the rights and status of the student. Therefore, the system is highly modular and easily ajustable to fit the needs of various student services suppliers.

Student nourishment

The most well-known service the ISSP system provides is the system of student nourishment. The purpose of the system is the precise record keeping of student consumption and enabling various levels of subsidies, in accordance to the guidelines proscribed by the ministry.

Student card

Each student of a Croatian higher education institution is entitled to a student card, which is most often used to determine the level of rights the student possesses. The student card is the main identification document in the student population, and as such, is used in numerous systems connected to the life and study of students. Tracking and managing the card's lifecycle is handled in a separate system ISAK.

Institutions of higher education

Through a clear and simple interface, the institutions of higher education input and manage the data on students in the ISSP system. Not all data is relevant in every service. Depending on the service, the system determines which data is optional and which is mandatory. Most of the data is inherited from the ISVU system.

Student restaurants

Through an application developed by SRCE, the service providers of student nourishment keep track of the usage of student nourishment subsidies. The authorization of the process is maintained via the student card.

CAP - center for student rights authorization

  • maintains the reliable operation of the entire system
  • upgrades and maintains the central servers
  • enables insight into user data, according to their rights
  • upgrades and maintains applications proscribed by the ministry
  • tech support to all users