Croatian Research Information System

As a part of the Scientific and Technological Foresight project (STF), lead by the Ministry of science and education, Srce is creating a national research information system, abbreviated as CroRIS. CroRIS is designed to integrate a large amount of data regarding scientific research in Croatia, including: data about researchers, institutions, projects, research work, publications, products, patents, equipment and its usage etc. CroRIS is being created in an environment where some of the existing data is only partially connected. It will integrate a number of existing systems and software solutions, while connecting with others, including international systems.

Work on the system is ongoing, with the end of 2022 as a planned completion date. CroRIS will be made available in a number of phases, as each program module is completed. The current plan of completion and the availability of modules can be seen on the picture below.

Timeline CroRIS

A large part of data contained within the CroRIS will be publicly available, while any changes and data editing will be made by authorized users. These users will have a number of roles within the system, from researchers and institutional data administrators to institution management and employees of key national bodies. A CroRIS coordinator role is also planned on an institutional level - their function will be to maintain the operation of CroRIS in their home institutions and to be a link between their institution and the system administrators. All users will access the system using the Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure of science and higher education in Croatia (AAI@EduHr).

A substantial part of program modules will be developed with interoperability in mind. CroRIS will be integrated with national bodies, higher education institutions, research institutes, libraries and other institutions, connect with businesses and the economy, and promote open science. Interactions are planned with information systems of Croatian Science Foundation, National and University Library, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Public Administration, with Dabar, Hrčak, Mozvag and ISVU systems, and with international systems such as Web of Science, Scopus, OpenAIRE, ORCID etc. A number of other data and software systems will be able to connect to CroRIS using a universal application programming interface which is also being created (pictured).

 Sustavi i programska rješenja će se moći spojiti na CroRIS