Information support to HEIs in conducting business with students

SRCE provides information support for higher education institutions in dealing with students through the Information System of Higher Education Institutions - ISVU.

ISVU is a complex system consisting of several separate modules, which support the standard activities of each higher education institution, and these modules are implemented using different technologies and intended for different user groups within the higher education institution. For example, Studomat is intended for students, the Teacher's Portal for teachers, and the Studies and Students module for student administration office employees. Modules enable editing of the central database. The system records and stores data on students, teachers, courses, curricula and syllabi, enrolment, exams, thesis topics and completion of studies.

Concerning the applied technology, in the ISVU, we distinguish between desktop and web modules (applications).

Desktop modules are Studies and Students, Postgraduate Studies, Exams, Admin Coordinator, and Generator of certificates with electronic seal. These modules need to be installed on the user's computer. They can be used only on computers with an Internet connection, whose Internet address is registered in the ISVU database, due to increased security and protection of the system as a whole. 

Web modules do not require installation on the user's computer but are used through standard Internet browsers. These modules are Studomat, Teachers' Portal, Data Warehouse, Generator of supplementary documents on studies, certificates and diplomas (DISIS), Higher Education Institutions, System Overview and Verification of certificates with electronic seal.

There is also the ISVU REST API (, an interface for programmatic interaction with the ISVU. 

Modules Higher Education Institutions, System Overview and Verification of certificates with the electronic seal are publicly available and can be used by anyone interested without authentication. Access to the system using any other module is achieved by logging in using electronic identity from the AAI@EduHr system, which is assigned to users by their parent institutions.

The ISVU provides the following to:

  • Free information system (financed by the Ministry of Science and Education)
  • Free user training
  • Technical support and constant care for the correct operation of the system provided by SRCE
  • Less workload for student administration offices
  • Viewing the entered data according to specific criteria (for example, 10% of the best students, average grades on the exam period, ...)
  • Creating ad-hoc reports (on student success, passing exams, etc.)
  • Creating reports periodically required by the Ministry of Science and Education, higher education institutions, and scholarship recipients, ...
  • Exam registration and de-registration via the Internet
  • Notifications about exams via electronic mail
  • Student year enrolment without queuing in line
  • Obtaining certificates outside the working hours of the student administration office
  • Review of student-related data in the system
  • Editing of weekly lesson plans for lectures, exercises, seminars, ...
  • Describing subject information such as content, bibliography and learning outcomes
  • Review of data on exam dates and student statuses
  • Entry of data on exam results and classes held
  • Entry of data related to the completion of studies

User support

SRCE experts at the ISVU Support Centre provide ISVU coordinators and other users from higher education institutions with technical support in daily work with the system, on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., by phone (+385 1 616 5862) and e-mail (@email). If necessary, they also hold consultations on an agreed topic for smaller groups of users of individual higher education institutions.

Webinars are held monthly for ISVU coordinators and employees of student administration offices. Each webinar deals with a topic or a unit relevant to ISVU users at that moment in the form of presentations and discussions with webinar participants. You can find the recordings and presentations from webinars at

In order to facilitate the use of the system, presentations are also available to users at, which explain step by step how to record data related to specific processes at the higher education institution in the system (for example, how to implement enrolment of first-year students or students in the senior year, how to define the curriculum, how to conduct examination records, ...). Users can also find the valuable manuals at

You can read more about the system and its modules on the ISVU help pages ( 

Who is who in the ISVU?

The Ministry of Science and Education ( provides financial resources for the construction and regular functioning of the ISVU system and supervises its work.

The development of program support and the regular functioning of the system is ensured by the University Computing Centre of the University of Zagreb (SRCE)
Until August 2011, the development of program support for the ISVU was entrusted to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb (FER).

More than 110 higher education institutions in Croatia, with over 140,000 students and over 28,000 teachers and administrative staff, use the ISVU,