MOZVAG is an information system whose aim is to support  the evaluation procedures carried out by the Agency for Science and Higher Education (Agencija za znanost i visoko obrazovanje – AZVO) and which comprises the following procedures:

  • initial accreditation of study programs
  • re-accreditation of  higher education institutions
  • external independent periodical evaluation of the quality assurance systems (audit) in higher education institutions

Activities of the support centre include design and development of the system, installation and introduction of softwares for all system modules and providing assistance to users.

Mozvag system users  are the Agency for science and Higher Education, all higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia, National Council for higher education, numerous domestic and foreign reviewers and reporters as well as evaluation experts (auditors).

Detailed information can be found in user documentation.

Modules of the MOZVAG System

The modules of the system are:

  • Mozvag – Higher education institution – the module intended for use by higher education institutions.
  • Mozvag – Study programs – the module intended for  AZVO, for the procedure of initial accreditation of study programs and re-accreditation of higher education institutions
  • Browser (Preglednik) - a multilingual module intended for domestic and foreign auditors