Student standard information support

As part of the Student Standard Information Support service, SRCE builds, develops and manages numerous information and application systems.

The Student Rights Information System (ISSP) records and monitors student rights per the applicable regulations and acts of the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth and the higher education institutions where students study.

The ISSP data, with the approval of the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth, are used by the applications of numerous users through the ISSP REST API, which is maintained and developed by SRCE. The Croatian Employment Service (HZZ), the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO), the Coastal Shipping Agency and the Zagreb Electric Tram (ZET) are just some of the users who, in their application solutions, check student status in ISSP via the ISSP REST API.

The Academic ID-cards Management System (ISAK) monitors the life cycle of academic cards. These cards are intended to identify and exercise the rights of ISSP end users.

Both of these systems have a common entry point, the ISSP portal, which contains all the information needed by the users of these systems. Users of the portal are students, authorised employees of higher education institutions, administrators of student catering restaurants, authorised employees of the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth and user support providers.

By logging into the portal, students can quickly check their data in the ISSP, download the electronic record of their student status, check student rights, the subsidy amount, their meal bills in student restaurants and the right to work as a student.

Through the portal using the Student Rights Record (ESP) application, authorised employees of higher education institutions register the students' data and request the creation of student cards.

Restaurants have at their disposal a system that includes reports, cash register administration and data on employees. The restaurant app and restaurant API are also linked there. In addition to restaurants providing student food services that use the Srce restaurant application, some of the restaurants in the system also use their application solutions via the restaurant API.   

Comprehensive information and descriptions are available to authorised Ministry of Science, Education and Youth employees and ISSP customer support providers to help them answer students' questions more easily.

In addition to these two large systems, SRCE also develops and maintains the information and application systems of the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth, where special attention is paid to the awarding processes of state and STEM scholarships, i.e. the functioning of the related applications. SRCE provides technical support to the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth, and the Ministry of Science, Education and Youth supports end users - scholarship applicants.