Virtual Campus of UNIC university alliance

The Virtual Campus of UNIC university alliance is an information system intended to exchange data and implement specific business processes to enable more effortless virtual mobility of students within the alliance.

SRCE develops and maintains this system, which enables the enrolment of courses at different universities within the alliance and the transfer of necessary administrative data as proof of mobility and fulfilment of obligations, as well as some other functions, such as the establishment of UNIC student cards. Also, the primary organisational conditions for the performance of the system have been set, such as the mandatory participation of electronic identity providers of all universities in the eduGAIN system, the obligation to assign ESI (European Student Identifier) to students, the conversion of ECTS grades into custom grading systems, and the like. In addition, SRCE also provides technical support to UNIC Virtual Campus users.

The UNIC Virtual Campus was established to implement the UNIC project - the alliance of European universities of post-industrial cities. The main objective of the UNIC project is the institutional connection of partner universities: Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Deusto University in Bilbao (Spain), Ruhr University in Bochum (Germany), Koç University in Istanbul (Turkey), University of Cork (Ireland), University of Liège (Belgium), University of Oulu ( Finland), the University of Zagreb, the University of Malmö (Sweden) and the University of Łodz (Poland), and the creation of an alliance that will enable a significant increase in the mobility and involvement of students and contribute to the creation of an exemplary model of inclusive education aimed at solving the problems of post-industrial cities and increasingly diverse European society.