Webinar software

A webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or a seminar in real time over the Internet.

It enables audio, video and text communication between attendees. A webinars' main feature is its interactivity, especially the ability to send and receive information which enables interaction between a presenter and participants located on various different locations.

Teachers often use a webinar for online lectures or for meetings with students (e.g. at postgraduate or doctoral studies). Lectures in webinars can be recorded and made available to the students enrolled in courses.

The E-learning Centre maintains two video conferencing systems for webinars:

  • Adobe Connect (a more complex system with the ability to record lectures, share screens, documents and whiteboards, surveying participants, take control of a remote computer and is intended for longer lectures where these functionalities are required)
  • eduMeet (primarily for online lectures and meetings, with no recording options, easier to use)

Both systems are connected to the E-learning platform Merlin and users can log in using an electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system.

In case you are not planning to record a lecture or meeting, we recommend using the eduMeet system.

webinars held annually via video conference systems
participants use videoconferencing systems annually
workdays from 8 to 4 P.M.