Digital education

Webinar software

It enables audio, video and text communication between attendees. A webinars' main feature is its interactivity, especially the ability to send and receive information which enables interaction between a presenter and participants located on various different locations.

Teachers often use a webinar for online lectures or for meetings with students (e.g. at postgraduate or doctoral studies). Lectures in webinars can be recorded and made available to the students enrolled in courses.

The E-learning Centre maintains two video conferencing systems for webinars:

Supporting digital education

Basic objectives of the E-learning Centre are:

  • to provide support to teachers, students, e-learning teams and institutions
  • to provide and maintain a reliable and generally accessible university platform for e-learning
  • to support the university network of people involved or interested in e-learning
  • to promote and foster the e-learning implementation.

SRCE’s training programmes

In 2022, SRCE celebrated 50 years of continuity as the centre for education and training in the area of ICT application. SRCE holds number of courses, workshops and educational activities related to information and communication technologies and e-infrastructure and services SRCE provides. They are available to teachers, students, researchers, IT specialists and academic community as well as to citizens. Number of courses are self-paced and can be reached as well through E-citizens portal.