The information system ISAK (Academic cards information system) was designed for the purpose of running and managing processes tied to the life-cycle of official cards granted to students in the republic of Croatia, by their head institution. The cards are based on smart-card technology, and the system is in ovnership of the Croatian ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

The student card

The student card is an official and public document, that is used to prove one's student status, and each student is obligated to own a card. The design, content, data access and data management, publishing, using and annulment of the card are prescribed by the "student card ordinance".
Postgraduation students and international mobility participants are also granted a student card. ISAK handles data gathering and the preparation of card printing throughout the whole year.

Croatian higher education institutions use a solution developed by SRCE to input student data, request card printing and handle publishing and card activation. The ISAK system collects data (information about the students and the level of their privileges) from another system maintained by SRCE - ISSP. The moment the students privileges expire, the institution that issued the card is responsible to physically destroy the card.

The printing company

The main user of the ISAK system is the card printing company - all the relevant data is supplied from the ISAK system. Another feature of the system is status tracking of the processes during the card's lifecycle (ordered, printed, etc.). The company that handles printing and distribution, does so independent of SRCE.

CAP - Center for privileges authorization

  • maintains reliable operation of the whole system
  • upgrade and maintenance of applicative solutions for business subjects involved in the process
  • enables access to data to all users in accordance to the business process
  • provides technical support to all system users

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