Secondary DNS hosting

The secondary DNS hosting service enables the use of a secondary domain server for all users of .hr domains and their subdomains free of charge. Exceptionally, state administration bodies and public institutions can request this service for domains outside the .hr domain. The service is provided through the server

Since the beginning of the functioning of the national top-level domain Srce has been providing the service of an auxiliary domain server to institutions from the system of science and higher education. The service is activated automatically for each new institution domain. With time and the development of technical training and the level of knowledge and ability to independently manage domain space in the university environment, individual institutions introduced their own servers, so the number of users of this service was gradually reduced.

You can request the service by sending an email to @email, whereby Srce relies on the .hr domain registry in which the domain must be registered, and that is registered as a secondary domain server.

The user must also configure the primary domain server so that the transfer of domain (zone) data to the server is enabled.

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