Network infrastructure of the university Borongaj campus

The Borongaj Campus Network Operations Center (BC NOC) takes care of the stable and uninterrupted functioning of the Campus network infrastructure, and plans and coordinates its further development, thereby continuously ensuring modern studying through unlimited and fast access to information content and sources.

The basic activities are planning and supervision of the use of the Campus's distribution telecommunications network and fiber optic cables, supervision and maintenance of the Campus's wired and wireless network infrastructure, supervision and maintenance of the Campus's IP telephone infrastructure, system and application maintenance of central infrastructure servers.

In addition, as part of the Network Operations Center of the Borongaj Campus, we provide assistance to the maintainers of the LAN and Wi-Fi infrastructure for individual components of the Campus, and we plan and coordinate the connection of new Campus facilities to the network.

The components of the Campus are the Faculty of Croatian Studies, the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, the Faculty of Traffic Sciences, the Student Center in Zagreb, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, the University of Zagreb and the University Computing Center.

A total of 18 buildings are connected to the network, the network infrastructure consists of more than 70 network devices and 3500 meters of distributed telecomunication network, and the annual network traffic between the Borongaj campus and the Internet is more than 400TB.

connected objects
network devices
TB of transferred data anually