Management of wireless networks

SRCE provides professional support to higher education and science institutions throughout the Wi-Fi design process, which includes planning, building and establishing wireless infrastructure. Wi-Fi design is a key step when building wireless infrastructures, because performing this step according to the rules of the profession is a prerequisite for reliable operation of the wireless network and the operation of the equipment in accordance with its capabilities.

Once the wireless network is established, Srce ensures reliable and efficient operation of the wireless infrastructure using a management and monitoring system from SRCE private cloud. The goal of the service is to enable as many institutions from higher education and science as possible uniform, reliable and secure access to the wireless network both for users of the access provider's institution and for guest users from the system of science and education by implementing access to the wireless network by eduroam™ (education roaming) standard. Srce provides the service in cooperation with member institutions that provide local support to their users.

Srce manages more than 1,100 wireless access points located in more than 70 locations to which more than 60,000 unique user devices connect monthly.

wireless access points
unique user devices connected every month