Miroslav Milinović

in memoriam

In memoriam Miroslav Milinović

Thanks Miro for being a congenial colleague and uncompromising defender of the eduroam concept.
Mark O’Leary

Od dragog Mire sam puno naučila, uvijek ću se rado i s poštovanjem sjećati naše suradnje!
Jasna Tingle

When I think of Miro, I don’t think about all the things he has done for eduroam, from turning eduroam into a real service, chairing the Global eduroam Governance Committee or VP of Conferences for TERENA. What I think about are searching through European cities looking for stamps for his daughter, walking for hours in Barcelona because we ended up at the wrong end of the train station, or having dinner at the restaurant in the old harbor of Dubrovnik. I think about the incredible drive and the integrity with which he handled tricky political situations. I think of the self deprecating humor, the look with which he would look at more exuberant colleagues. But most of all I think of the comradery and friendship that we build during the early days of eduroam and that continued until today.
Farewell my friend!

Klaas Wierenga

Šokiran sam i zatečen ovom vešću. Bio je veliki, značajan i neodvojivi deo zajednice akademskih mreža Evrope. Moje iskreno saučešće porodici, prijateljima i kolegama. Počivaj u miru, Miro.
Pavle Vuletić

A truly good man with a wonderful sense of humor. Miro will be missed by everyone whose life and work he touched. All his friends at Sunet is mourning him today.
Leif Johansson

It was an honor to have known such a great person. Please accept our condolences on the passing of Miro. My thoughts and prayers are with him at this time.
Hrachya Astsatryan

I will always remember my first eduroam training in Zagreb back in 2009, led of course by Miro, both for the working and for the afterwork part. Since then I have learned even more from Miro. He will be missed by the whole community. Vjecna ti slava Miro.
Anastas Mishev

It’s been an absolute privilege to have worked with Miro. A true honest and straight forward gentleman. I always admired Miro’s diplomatic skills and the ability to explain things in simplistic way. You will be missed for sure in the community Miro, may your soul RIP.

Please accept our condolences on the passing of Miro.

My thoughts and prayers are with Miro at this time.
Iacovos Ioannou

It is difficult to find words and to express sadness for loss of Miro. I knew Miro since i was a newbie - he was selflessly sharing his knowledge and advices helping colleagues in Serbia to advance eduroam. He was more than a colleague to me - he was my mentor, a man from whom I learned a lot, with whom I shared many working days, could always share a critical thought but also a joke. He was my fiend. Strict, but fair, respectful and devoted to work and his colleagues, this is how we will remember him. I would like to pay my condolences especially to closes colleagues and family. We will miss him endlessly and we will carry him in our hearts and remember him always.
Marina Adomeit

Miro will leave an immense emptiness in our hearts, and our whole community with him loses a friend and, above all, an enthusiast. A person always ready to collaborate and lend a hand. Miro was one of the people who supported me the most and helped me to fit into our big family. Always available, patient with my imperfections, ready to repeat things as necessary, until I said to him: Thanks Miro, now I understand! It will mark us very much, and it will remain a beautiful and vivid memory in our hearts and in our imperfect memories.
Mario Reale

Dragi Miro, suradnja s Vama je uvijek bila poticajna, nećete biti zaboravljeni.

Moja sućut obitelji, prijateljima i kolegama.
Nataša Glavor

S Mirom sam surađivala na brojnim projektima tijekom zadnjih petnaestak godina, a najdugotrajnija je bila suradnja na razvoju Hrčka. Diskusije s Mirom uvijek su bile test za moje argumente i stavove, što se nikada nije ispriječilo našem prijateljskom odnosu. Teško je shvatiti da ga više nema, a još teže će biti nastaviti bez njega. Slučajno sam baš na Hrčku naišla na jednu pjesmu njegovog imenjaka pjesnika Miroslava Milinovića, a možda ju je napisao baš za našeg Miru...
Jadranka Stojanovski

Mene su i ptice na ovaj put zvale.
Preko rijeka, gora sad je meni proći
kroz noći i dane, kroz dane i noći
i predjele neke mrtvim snom zaspale.
Mene su i ptice na ovaj put zvale.

Mene čeka zemlja što u suncu zlati
i nebo najplavije s pticama u letu.
Što sam izgubio, opet ću imati.
Zatravit ću tugu, zaliječiti sjetu.
Mene čeka zemlja što u suncu zlati.

Mene srce vuče, mene zvijezda vodi.
Zvijeri put mi krče, ja jašem jelene.
Ribe me slušaju iz vode zelene.
Svugdje su mi staze, kudgod dođem brodi.
Mene srce vuče, mene zvijezda vodi.

I also got to know Miro through common endeavors, eduroam and GÉANT. I only got a slight glimpse of his personality, yet he promptly stood out as a kind and humble person, a calm voice of reassuring solidity, who always remained focused. I am certain he had so much more to give to his family, to his colleagues and to this community. His early departure will be sorely missed by all.
Zenon Mousmoulas

Being able to consider Miro a good friend has been one of the greatest privileges I have had, during the times in which we worked together, and afterwards. A wise man, a gentleman and a nice fellow, all in a piece. He will be missed in all these facets by those who enjoyed his companionship. Our prayers go with him.
Diego Lopez

I rember Miro from my very first contact with the NREN community when I joined SWITCH back in 2007. He was a thoughtful leader in the eduroam project with the immense ability to form a huge community despite all the diverse political interests involved. But he will not only be dearly missed by our community for his professional skills. We will miss a dear friend. Please accept my sincere condolences.
Daniel Bertolo

Miro was a good guy, a competent colleague and somebody with a special sense of humour, which our community all will miss because he was taken from us too early. My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues at SRCE..
Lukas Hämmerle

Miro was a fantastic man and a dear friend, and the news of his passing saddened us all at KIFÜ. I liked his serene wisdom, sense of humour and exceptional efforts to improve eduroam and other identity services inside Croatia and internationally. When I first met him at the program committee of CUC/TNC in 2003, I met an enthusiastic colleagues who was always ready help and find a pragmatic solution. With heartfelt sympathy,
Janos Mohacsi

Miro's impact, particularly within the global eduroam community, was profound. His knowledge and guidance were invaluable, yet he was humble and was always willing to listen to the other point of view. He will be missed. Hamba Kahle.
Guy Halse

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Miro. My thoughts are with his family in this difficult moment. Like many others have said, he was a true and passionate collaborator and I learned a lot from him.
Roberto Sabatino

Our community lost a friend and colleague. We all know how much Miro contributed not only to our services, but the the spirit of our collaboration. In the name of GEANT please accept our sincere condolences.
Andreas Dudler

Although I had already shared time with Miro in tf-emc2 and tf-mobility, we got much closer when organising TNC-2009 in Málaga. I consider him a good friend. We have shared so many conversations and ideas, working together in student data mobility and othe identity endeavours. But, best of all, we shared nice meals in so many places. I have good memories of one in Zagreb, the same on in Dubrovnik Diego refers to, and a couple others in my city, Malaga. I will dearly miss him.
Victoriano Giralt

Jako me rastuzila vijest da smo izgubili naseg dragog prijatelja i dugogodisnjeg kolegu Miru. Neka te čuvaju anđeli.
Branka Ljubas

I had the pleasure of being at the TERENA Board when Miro was VP of Conferences. He had a very constructive approach for all the contencious issues, and helped a lot to make TNC the great event we appreciate so much. I also heard a lot about his very positive involvement at eduROAM. It is very sad that he has left us so soon, all our condolences for his family and friends, including the colleagues at SRCE/CARNET.
Alberto Perez

Miro was the VP of Conferences when I started working at TERENA, 14 years ago as conference organiser. I learnt a lot from him about the being patient, recognising and dealing with political situations in the R&E environment. With his pure sense of humour we had a lot of fun during the hard working times and long hours of the events. He became more than a colleague, a friend over these years. We will miss him dearly… his humour, modesty and high level of professionalism. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
Gyöngyi Horváth

Bila je cast saradjivati sa Mirom. Prije svega doprinos koji je dao svojoj instituciji i zemlji, a zatim i nesebicna podrska koju je davao svima u okviru akademskih zajednica. Hvala puno Miro, pocivaj u miru.
Vladimir Gazivoda

In memory of Miro, He will be deeply missed by the NREN communities all over the world. With deepest sympathy,
Harri Kuusisto

I knew Miro through our common travels to events and meetings and our common social gatherings during them. In September 2018 we had the privilege of having him lead an eduroam workshop in Cyprus. A man of indisputable knowledge, insight and drive. A great loss for the whole community and most of all his family and friends. Miro will be greatly missed by all. Our sincere condolences from the CyNet team and myself especially.
George Konnis

I met Miro properly when I became activity leader for GÉANT's Trust & Identity work. On paper, I was his leader. In reality, he was mine, a mentor, the ethical heart of what it meant to run and grow eduroam and a peerless judge of when to be critical and when to be flexible. He didn't tolerate fools, but didn't treat any one like they were a fool either - you were challenged and encouraged to understand. It's hard to write this as I can't imagine not seeing his face at conferences or his name on mails again. He was a great soul and should not be gone.
Ann Harding

On behalf of the Polish eduroam/eduGAIN teams we would like to express our sadness over this unexpected loss. We have been working with Miro from the very start of the eduroam service. Miro was coordinating the difficult task of over 100 countries working together, a mission that will be difficult to fill. Miro was also sharing his valuable experience in managing the Croation Identity Federation and was a crucial member of the GEANT eduGAIN effort. He will be missed a lot.
Maja and Tomasz Wolniewicz

I'm one of the privileged that had a chance to work with Miro and to appreciate his competence, enthusiasm and the sense of urge to get things done. On top of that was a nice, good person always willing to help and with the rare gift of being able to start a heated debate and then just end it with a smile and the right, few words. We'll miss you so much Miro.
Davide Vaghetti

It is difficult to imagine a GÉANT Community and a world without Miro. A brilliant and passionate man whose work and wisdom shaped the visible and invisible infrastructure of European networking. He will be missed by all.
Brian Nisbet

Dragi Miro, bila mi je čast i zadovoljstvo biti tvoj suradnik u Sveučilišnom računskom centru! Hvala ti na svemu što si učinio, kao prvo, za opstojnost a kasnije i za razvoj SRCA. Mogu to posvjedočiti radeći s tobom u periodu od 1989. do 2011. godine. Izgorio si prerano unoseći svu svoju energiju u poslove i dužnosti koje si obavljao. U mom ćeš sjećanju ostati kao DOBAR i POŠTEN čovjek! Neka ti je laka Hrvatska zemlja! Iskrena sućut Senki, Ani i Veronici, te ostaloj tugujućoj obitelji!
Dubravko Hunjet

With deep regret, I learned that life of our dear Miro was interrupted unexpectedly. I express the my deep empathy and condolences to all his relatives and friends. I have fresh memories of how he visited us in Armenia and how he helped us a lot in the development of our eduroam service. His positive thinking, his ready-to-help motivaton, his humor was very encouraging ! During these years whenever I was contacting him regarding any question, I was sure in advance, that he will do his best to assist if possible. I am sure, those loving Miro will keep a good memory of him in their heart ! Today, unfortunately, our life is not eternal and many of us sometimes feel the terrible pain of losing a dear and close person. So I want to briefly share the hope that my family has for our deceased loved ones․ The fact is that death was not in initial plans of our Creator, God. For now God promises to preserve dead people in his immeasurable memory and bring them back to life, here on Earth, when restoring Paradise conditions according to the promise recorded in the BIBLE։ "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and DEATH WILL BE NO MORE, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore" (REVELATION 21:4). This resurrection hope has strengthened my family for many years (as we have lost many loved ones) and I pray to God to keep Miro's family and relatives sustained too ! Death is our mutual enemy, but God is stronger than death and will act soon !
Arthur Petrosyan (ASNET-AM)

I'm chocked to learn that Miro is no longer with us. I knew him as a leader for the eduroam work and I always found him easy to approach with whatever question or problem you had. I also think he generated a good atmosphere of cooperation among all us involved in eduroam. He will be deeply missed. From time to time during work discussions he mentioned his family and my heart goes out to them today.
Wenche Backman-Kamila

Čovjek koji je istim žarom govorio "...hoću rezultate!" i "...pusti to, idi i pobrini se za svoju obitelj!". Ponosan sam što sam radio pod tvojom kapom....
Marko Ivančić

Miro, I miss you, your energy, and your integrity! I always looked forward to seeing you at the various events, listening to your view of why things went well and what challenges you saw for other ideas..
Valter Nordh

My condolences to Miros family and friends. He will be missed and his contribution to the eduroam community. Rest in peace.
Ingimar Jónsson

Miro was one of the first people I met when I started my journey in the world of NRENs and we worked together many times - as part of GN4, on the REFEDS Steering Committee and of course for eduGAIN and eduroam. I will deeply miss Miro's presence at meetings, his valuable contributions and his support in making sure that everyone's voices were heard in meetings. He had great integrity, a great sense of humour and a great work ethic. There is now a gap in our community and in our hearts..
Nicole Harris

What desperately sad news. Miro was a larger than life character who played such an important and pivotal role in international R&E networking, and it was always a pleasure and a delight to catch up with him at TNC. Knowledgeable and intelligent, he was ever willing to make time to help his colleagues in the GÉANT community and I will always be grateful for the support he gave me and my team in the GN project.
Toby Rodwell

I met Miro about 20 years ago, when I joined TERENA. We worked together ever since on TF-EMC2, eduroam and more recently on student mobility. Miro soon became a reference point for me, the safe harbor when you can find relief at the end of a long journey. He was more than a colleague to me, he was a friend. He was a gentleman, never crossing a line not even when he was angry, always professional, extremely knowledgeable, politically aware and able to mitigate conflicts and ready to contribute in a pragmatic manner. We all knew that if Miro stepped in, things would happen. And that sense of commitment and his drive to get things have been instrumental for the developments in the research and education community in the last 20 years.

I will miss his jokes, his skeptical looks and his firm statements when he tried to remind us why something could not be done. He is leaving a big void that will not be filled. I cannot imagine to be in our usual calls without Miro being there. Thanks for everything Miro in this 20 years. You left us all too soon.
My condolences to his family and close friends.
Licia Florio

Please accept our deepest condolences to the family of Miroslav and to people at SRCE. We at EENet will remember Miroslav and miss his energy and commitment to network and networking in every sense. With deep sympathy
Indrek Rokk

I enjoyed working with Miroslav over the years on the eduroam project. He will be missed. May his memories be a blessing..
Brian Epstein

Miro...we met 20 ago, on the TERENA board. A very kind and professional person. I simply cannot imagine I won't meet him at next TNC... Miro, we already miss you! Sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
Sabine Jaume

Duboko smo potreseni preranim odlaskom našeg dugogodišnjeg suradnika i partnera Miroslava Milinovića. Bila nam je čast surađivati i učiti od dragog kolege, tako punog znanja, energije i predanosti. Zadržat ćemo ga u trajnom sjećanju.
Suradnici iz Nacionalne i sveučilišne knjižnice u Zagrebu

Robert Pezer

As Chair of the Global eduroam Governance Committee, Miro was essential to turning eduroam into the global success story eduroam is today. He gave his time generously bringing new eduroam federations on board in his continuous effort to broaden eduroam’s geographic scope.

Miro had very clear views and opinions ensuring that we bring out the best results for our community. And Miro had time for us, he supported and mentored engineers and developers around the world making sure that all detail was fully understood and implemented.

We will miss Miro very much, in the GÉANT project, in our community, in our events and our daily interactions. He was a friend and guide to many and will be sorely missed. As GÉANT we express our deepest condolences to his family, friends and his colleagues at SRCE and CARnet.

Shocked and saddened to wake up to this. I will miss his humor and his consistent contributions to the many conversations we've participated in together. Condolences to his family.
Scott Cantor

I will miss Miro's presence in the different forums I had the opportunity to coincide and enjoy of his collaboration, and will also miss his commitment to support critical production services such as eduroam. My condolences to his family, closer colleagues and friends.
José-Manuel Macías

Miro has gone too soon. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and all colleagues at SRCE and around the world in our community. Miro always made time for us, he was a friend, a mentor and a guide. I will miss him very much. May your soul rest in peace, Miro.
Cathrin Stöver

Miro's contributions to the international growth of eduroam and helping us in the US was invaluable. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family and dear friends.
Ann West

Miroslav je bio čovjek koji je uvijek bio spreman pomoći i davao je svojim savjetima iznimnu sigurnost svakom projektu na kojem smo radili. Hvala mu za sve što je učinio za SUMIT, Sveučilište u Mostaru i za mnoge od nas, izgubili smo velikog prijatelja.
Tomislav Volarić

Miro was immediately welcoming when I joined the eduroam community. His kind leadership will be greatly missed.
Sara Jeanes

My deepest condolences to his friends and family. I did not know Miro well, but what little bit I was privileged to experience in working with the international eduroam community left an impact on me personally in addition to the US community. His thoughts, insights, and humor is something I won't forget. #RIP
Robert Gorrell

One could always count on Miro to generate an intellectually stimulating discussion, for work and beyond. We will miss the great character, the sharp mind, and the unique view on conference calls of Miro's office. One behalf of the Anyroam team, please accept all our condolences.
Philippe Hanset

U ime svojih kolega iz Agencije za mobilnost i programe EU izražavam sućut obitelji gospodina Milinovića. Bilo nam je veliko zadovoljstvo surađivati s gdinom Milinovićem. Jako nam se sviđao način na koji je predlagao i dolazio do rješenja, njegova proaktivnost i ideje i takva nas je zajednička suradnja veselila.
Ljubica Petrović Baronica

Dragi Miro, bilo je izuzetno zabavno, poučno i nerijetko izazovno raditi s tobom sve ove godine. Iako više nisi s nama, ostaje neizbrisivi trag na nebrojenim sustavima koje si podigao na noge i svima nama koji smo imali čast poznavati te.
Emir Imamagić

Miro was always kind, welcoming and just a wonderful person. He helped me feel at home in the international research and education community. His tireless devotion to eduroam serves as an example of how much one person can make a positive difference in the world. I will miss him so much.
Nicole Roy

U 18 godina suradnje puno sam naučio od tebe i puno smo toga zajedno „pomaknuli“. Šef, mentor, kolega, motivator i prijatelj – Miro je znao kako biti sve u jednom.
Draženko Celjak

We just briefly met, but still I was shocked about this news. It reminds me of the good days when I joined GÉANT conferences and for sure bumped into Miro somewhere. RIP and my condolences to all who loved him and knew him better than I did.
Mark Bevers

Our heartfelt condolences from WACREN to Miro's family and friends. We only started interacting last year in our collaboration for the African eduroam roadshow, but enough to experience his warmth and generosity. May his soul rest in peace.
Omo Oaiya

Jedno od prvih službenih putovanja bilo mi je s Mirekom i beskrajno je volio prepričavati peripetije koje smo imali na aerodromu i smijati se glupostima osoblja. Bezbroj ručkova kod tete Ane... Kad je nešto zapelo - javi se Miri, a ako bi se on javio, znači da se nešto nije napravilo ili nije dovoljno dobro, ali NIKAD grubo. I popravljao se odmah jer je on jednostavno bio takav. Otišao je kolega i prijatelj. Miro, hvala na svemu....
Zoran Vlah

Miro, you were a giant in our field. Your footprints will be ones for folks to follow for years. You will be missed.
Ken Klingenstein

On behalf of HEAnet, I'd like to extend our deepest sympathies and send condolences to Miro's family and colleagues at this difficult time. Miro was highly regarded on the European networking stage and always ready to share his expertise. Miro's contribution to extending eduroam across Ireland being a very recent example of this collegiality. He will be deeply missed by the NREN community. May he rest in peace.
Ronan Byrne

Maybe I am one of the few people in our community with limited interaction to Miro. However, his name has been omnipresent in my conversation with others, be it on projects, services, conferences and almost all NREN related activities - an impressing evidence for his talent, experience, and personality. Future will tell us soon what Miro has left to our community, with this very sad feeling I convey my sincerest condolences to his colleagues at SRCE/CARNET, friends and family.
Christian Grimm

Za neke ljude ne znaš koliko ti vrijede i koliko su traga ostavili u tvom životu sve do te jedne sekunde u kojoj pročitaš da ih više nema. Miro je bio šef s kojim si se mogao žestoko posvađati zbog različitih stavova i gledišta, no na kraju bi uvijek uvažio tvoje argumente i prihvatio tvoje rješenje ako je bilo ispravno. Nevjerojatno, ali upravo zbog tih konstruktivnih svađa sam ga najviše cijenio i volio. Od ljudi s kojima u životu sve ide lako ništa ne naučiš. Miro je bio šef u čije smo sposobnosti i namjere imali puno povjerenje. Ne znam hoće li ga itko zaista moći zamijeniti.
Matija Lovrić

A real loss to our community, not just in Europe but the whole eduroam world. My thoughts reach out to his close colleagues, family and friends.
Tom Fryer

I only knew Miro from our collaborations over the years and conferences. But even in those times I learned to love and appreciate his humor, curiosity and tenacity. I really enjoyed working with him and the dinners we had at various conferences. I saw the notice of his passing today and my heart broke. I can only hope I made him laugh and think as much as he did so for me. To all of his colleagues, friends, and family - I am so sorry for our loss. He was a very kind soul and I will miss him.
Michael Gettes

As with many others, Miro was one of my first contacts with the international eduroam community. He was always very approachable, immensely knowledgable, and incredibly generous with his time. Somehow he managed to come across as fiercely opinionated and oddly warm at the same time! It was a pleasure and privilege to know him through his work with GEANT and Internet2. I wish everyone who was lucky enough to know him peace and healing in an incredibly difficult time.
Mike Zawacki

I will keep in mind the presence and very active involvement of Miro in our common european networking, especially his continous contributions in the TEC and the organisation of TNCs.
Peter Kaufmann

Jako me je ražalostila vijest o preranom odlasku velikog čovjeka i stručnjaka, kojeg ću uvijek pamtiti po čvrstim stavovima i argumentiranim raspravama. Veliki gubitak za akademsku zajednicu. Iskrena sućut obitelji, kolegama i prijateljima.
Iva Grabarić Andonovski

Although I haven't been involved in the NREN world for some years now, I do very well remember the early days of European collaboration in networking in the '90's. And in those memories Miro stands out: present, knowledgeable, and collegial. My condolances to the ones he loves and strength to move on without Miro.
Ton Verschuren

Thank you Miro for all these shared moments, we need people like you around us, taking care of our community and users. You will stay an inspiration for perseverance and for collective benefits. My sincerest condolences to his colleagues at SRCE/CARNET, friends and family.
Anass Chabli

This is such shocking news. I was in a video-conference with Miro on Thursday, discussing improvements to eduGAIN services. He has been a constant, supportive, presence from my earliest contact with TERENA more than twenty years ago: whether as a guide to the committee system and its many acronyms, or deep in the technical content of AAI Task Forces, or hosting my first TERENA conference in 2003. He was, however, partially responsible for me giving my wife a fright, when I announced that I would be giving a keynote presentation at a conference in Zagreb a couple of days before Christmas. We weren’t as familiar with international video-conferencing in those days...
Andrew Cormack

Nevjerica. Šok. Tuga.
18 godina zajedničkog rada proletjelo je u par sekundi pred očima. Osmjeh u kutu usana, brk koji se polagano podigne.
Na početku razgovora: „Čuj….“.
AAI, eduroam, TERENA, GEANT, HRČAK…tvoja srčaška dječica. Srčano, predano i odgovorno radio si do zadnjeg dana. Hvala ti za svaki razgovor, smjernicu, podršku. Zauvijek ću te pamtiti kao velikog dobričinu, dragog galamdžiju, stručnjaka, profesionalca.
Dragi Miro, čuvali te anđeli nebeski na tvom novom putu!

Milena Mrkonjić

It was with great sadness and shock that I learnt of the passing of Miro, Miro had great passion for his work and a wonderful sense of humour. Certainly, having worked alongside him in many projects and working groups, at conferences and meetings, the world will have a Miro sized space that will never be replaced. My deepest condolences to his family and thoughts for his colleagues and friends at this sad time.
Alan Buxey

I met Miro in my first ever Terena Networking Conference 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia and have probably seen/met him in every Terena Mobility, Terena Networking conference and eduroam meeting I have myself participated after that. As so many posts by different people on this page show, he will be missed. My condolences to Miro's family and colleagues.
Karri Huhtanen

Before coming to Internet2, I worked at an Internet2 member university and volunteered for many InCommon related activities. Years ago, I was asked to represent Internet2 at a TNC meeting being held in Cork. Miro was one of the key organizers of the event. I was very much a fish out of water and Miro quickly sensed that and made me feel welcome into the broader community. I felt welcomed into a warm but still purpose driven community and I've been trying to do the same for others ever since. Miro's U.S. colleagues are gutted to learn of his passing. Peace to Miro's family, friends, and co-workers.
Kevin M. Morooney

Tek nakon što je Miro zauvijek otišao shvaćam kolika je bila privilegija raditi u Srcu na uslugama pod njegovim vodstvom. Vrata Mirinog ureda uvijek su bila širom otvorena za sve kojima je trebalo mišljenje, savjet, pomoć, razgovor. Pamtit ću ga kao ponekad strogog, ali uvijek korektnog profesionalca i stručnjaka te kao izuzetno dragog čovjeka fantastičnog smisla za humor. Bila mi je čast učiti od njega. Iskrena sućut njegovoj obitelji, prijateljima, kolegama. Počivao u miru.
Ljiljana Jertec Musap

Thank you for sharing Miro with us all these years. I am grateful for being part of the community he helped building, and participating in some of the projects he helped building. Thanks to him It is easier to get online, it is easier to log in, it is easier to find facts online. I remember the stories he told, and the joy he had in his family (everyone should have a dad like him if one gets stuck in an airport, where he was able to sort out long distance trouble on the phone with impossible transit agents). He was actively, patiently building the European academic network community. He taught me SRCE means heart, and we lost a little heart from him leaving us so early. My thoughts go to his family, friends and colleagues.
Ingrid Melve

I met Miro when I was co-chair of TF-Mobility, EU funding via Geant expanded participation significantly. It was around that time TNC was in Croatia too. My memories of Miro was similar to others, a man of intellect, presence, calm and a piercing stare. Always humorous and never one to have a photo taken even when I thought he was joking. Miro brought detail, discipline and rigor and I concur that his operational excellence, patience and care was significant. Goodbye my dear friend, though I was unable to contribute as much from Australia I remember you fondly. My condolences to Miro’s family and friends at this sad time. RIP Miro, James Sankar
James Sankar

Jako me rastuzila ova vijest. Bila je velika cast poznavati Mireka. Ljudi poput njega ostavljaju neizbrisiv trag i zive u nasim srcima i onda kada nisu medju nama. Duboka sucut obitelji, kolegama i prijateljima.
Milena Rakin

Posljednji pozdrav dragom kolegi. Bio je uistinu čovjek širokog znanja i temeljito je ulazio u probleme. Bilo je zadovoljstvo surađivati s njime. Iskrena sućut obitelji i kolegicama i kolegama iz SRCE-a.
Neven Vrček

So very sad to learn the news of Miro's passing! I met Miro at a SimpleSAMLphp workshop in Madrid. He was so thoughtful and enthusiastic in the way he participated. I could see very quickly the level of trust he had with his team and the larger community. I will greatly miss his contributions, and his presence. He has clearly left an enduring legacy in his field, and in the hearts of so many. Peace be with you, Miro, and with your friends and family around the world.
Dedra Chamberlin

Miro Milinovic je bio prva osoba koja me poducila `netiquetteu`, objasnio mi da to sto sam ja znatizeljan ne znaci da drugi moraju imati problem zbog toga. Jedan od prvih 'mentora' u mom zivotu. Osoba koja je, iako sam u kasnijem zivotu rijetko imao kontakata s njim, snazno utjecala na moj profesionalni put. Zatecen, u tuzi, izrazavam saucesce obitelji i poznanicima. Zao mi je, jako mi je zao!
Mario Splivalo

It was with deep sadness and shock I received the sad news that Miro had died. All the meetings both live and over VC, the travelling around Europe, the fun times having dinners in the evenings during conferences. Miro was the glue that kept the eduroam community together with his knowledge and organisation and finally not forgetting his great sense of humor. I've consider Miro a friend which will be dearly missed. My thoughts and love goes to his family and closest friends. Rest in peace Miroslav.
Anders Nilsson

Dragi Miro, tvoj prerani odlazak neizmjerno me rastužio. Čast mi je bila surađivati s tobom, čast mi je bila učiti od tebe. Hvala ti što si bio dio naših života, koje si oplemenio neiscrpnom energijom i vječitim optimizmom. Svojim primjerom pokazivao si kako stručno i savjesno pristupati poslu, ali iznad svega pri tome biti osoba puna podrške i razumijevanja za ljude oko sebe. Neka ti je laka zemlja!
Igor Velimirović

Iskrena sućut obitelji.
Bila je čast i zadovoljstvo surađivati s kolegom Mirom koji je između ostaloga dao i veliki doprinos uključivanju AAI@EduHr infrastrukture u Nacionalni identifikacijski i autentifikacijski sustav NIAS, kada smo 2014. pokretali danas svima poznati sustav e-Građani.
Do nekog novog i drugačijeg susreta, počivao u miru Božjem.

Dražen Božić

Miro, I remember you discussing eduroam passionately, often with some nice humor, at many meetings. I remember you greeting me with eyes everytime I arrived at a meeting from far Japan.
I remember you talking with me at airports.
Thank you very much, Miro, for your great contributions to the eduroam community for many years.

Hideaki Goto

Mogu se samo nadati da sam iz našeg odnosa nešto naučio i da ću zbog toga biti bolji i drugima i sebi. Hvala ti što si bio dio "odrastanja" svih nas. Prisjećat ću se tvog integriteta, tvog žara i količine koncentracije koju si imao za svih stotinu poslova koje si odjednom obavljao. Puno je toga što ti više neću imati priliku reći. Savjetniče, suradniče... fališ....
Ognjen Orel

Miroslav Milinović bio je suradnik našega Odjela još od osnutka i naš sugovornik na mnogim konferencijama i radionicama. Izražavamo iskrenu sućut obitelji. Bila nam je čast surađivati s kolegom Milinovićem. Počivao u miru!
Zaposlenici Odjela za informacijske znanosti Sveučilišta u Zadru

It was a shock to hear that Miro passed away so suddenly. His departure is a massive loss. It's difficult to know what to say other than Miro was a truly excellent engineer, a funny guy, wise and passionate. I'm going to miss him.
Chris Atherton

Iskreno suosjećanje obitelji! Hvala za golemi trud i rad, kako biste i nama profesorima olakšali predavanja i drugo!
Ivan Karlić

My deepest and sincerest condolences to the family, friends and Uni Zagreb colleagues of Miroslav. We in University College Cork, Ireland (UCC) had the pleasure of working with Miroslav on UNIC: the European University of Post-Industrial Cities initiative and he was such a joy and an inspiration with whom to work. He had such a can-do generous and willing attitude. Miroslav was deeply appreciated by his European colleagues.. Reiterating my sincerest condolences and those of all my UNIC colleagues at UCC, May Miroslav rest in peace... Most sincerely,
Jean van Sinderen-Law

When I read Ivan Maric's message I could not believe it... we are now missing one of our best friends, colleagues and guides... remember him especially for his modesty, and dedication to the community and to his friends, even when some idiot politician from an idiot place in the world deeply offended him, and pur whole community. Thanks Miro... fly high, and usual!
Claudio Allocchio

It was a pleasure to work with Miro on the UNIC project - deepest condolences to the family and friends of Miro.
Grace Yano

Duboko me potresla vijest o smrti dragog kolege Milinovića. S Mirom sam surađivao više od tri desetljeća kroz razne djelatnosti SRCA i CARNETA. Bio je izniman stručnjak i čovjek i izuzetno nam je pomogao kod uspostave informacijskih usluga Sveučilišta u Slavonskom Brodu. Iskrena sućut obitelji. Počivao u miru!
Miroslav Mazurek

Tesko je i bolno rastati se od osobe koja je zracila energijom, znanjem, kolegijalnoscu. Sjecamo se njegove vedrine, volje i zelje da se pokrecu dobri projekti. Iskrena sucut obitelji i kolegama u SRCE-u
Tatjana Aparac-Jelusic
Srecko Jelusic

Miro was one of the first people I worked with in the TERENA / GÉANT community, on Board matters, TNC conferences and on eduroam activities, and I learned a lot from him. I soon realised that a kind heart lay under his intelligent and somewhat skeptical demeanour. Clearly I was not the first nor the last to discover this: one only has to see the large number of heartfelt condolence messages to understand what a great impact he made on many people around the world. To his family, friends and colleagues, I offer my sincere condolences. Rest in peace Miro.
Laura Durnford

Dear Miroslav, dear Miro, you will be dearly missed. You were a pioneer at the heart of our UNIC alliance, navigating us on the way towards the future of universities. You were never afraid of a challenge! So tragic that you have been taken way from this life in such an unexpected way. Our deepest sympathies are with you and with your family, friends and colleagues. You will not be forgotten and will do our utmost to honor your legacy: you were one of the UNIC pioneers!
Prof.dr. Peter Scholten (Coordinator of the UNIC European University)

Dragi Miro,
prve korak karijere započeo sam pod tvojim mentorstvom, naučio si me koliko je vaźno biti uporan I ustrajan u rješavanju svakodnevnih zadataka.
Hvala ti na svemu, neka ti je laka zemlja.
Iskrena sućut obitelji.

Marko Marušić

Thanks you for all the support you gave us during the tuning of eduroam in Sri Lanka. Deepest condolences to the family and friends of Miro.
Thilina Pathirana

I'm so saddened by this news. Miro was one of the first people I met in the IAM community and he always greeted me with a friendly smile, fantastic story, and patient explanation of whatever I didn't understand. I'll miss him.
Laura Paglione

It is a great loss and so sad to hear this news. I met Miro in my first eduroam training course in Jordan 2017. He was such a great leader, trainer and teacher. I learned a lot from Miro. I met him again at TNC19. I will miss Miro and his fast responses whenever I asked about eduroam. Thank you for your contribution and your continuous support. We will miss both Miro and Dr. Abdulmonem Al Kharusi, the OMREN director and our great leader who also passed away last June. May they rest in peace. My condolences to their families and friends.
Warda Al Habsi

We met Miroslav in October 2019 when we organized a workshop in Pristina with the main topic "FEDERATION - the necessary prerequisite for NREN infrastructure". Miroslav presented and explained very important information and the best NREN practices for us. It was a real pleasure to listen and to learn from him, and to be in the company of a man with such great experience and knowledge.
And our communication didn't stop there. Whenever we needed professional advice and consultation he was always available and willing to help us. For sure, his "going" is the loss of a great friend.
Sincere condolences to his family, his colleagues ...

Atif Bašani, KREN team (Kosovo Research and Education Network)

My condolences to his friends, colleagues and family. I only know Miro via eduroam, but I recall him as being very personable, knowledgeable, and someone who kept the eduroam SG running smoothly. Getting the email the day before the SG meeting with the agenda, and then getting the email soon after with the short summary will be missed. No doubt there will be many people with fond memories, and many who will feel the loss deeply.
Stefan Paetow

Draga Senka, drage Ana i Veronika,

poštovana obitelji našeg Miroslava Milinovića,

uvažene kolegice i kolege, suradnici i prijatelji,

u ime Sveučilišnog računskog centra Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, u ime uprave Srca, svih mojih kolegica i kolega iz Srca, u svoje osobno ime, podijelio bih s vama, u ovom za sve nas izuzetno teškom i bolnom trenutku nekoliko riječi o našem dragom kolegi, suradniku i prijatelju Miroslavu Milinoviću... o našem Miri ili Mireku kako smo ga svi mi, ali i mnogi izvan Srca zvali i poznavali.

Ne želim u ovom trenutku nabrajati mnogobrojne znane činjenice iz bogatog Mirinog životopisa... jer Miro je kao čovjek, kao kolega i suradnik, kao voditelj mnogobrojnih hrvatskih i međunarodnih timova i projekata, ali i kao prijatelj, suprug i otac bio puno više nego bilo kakav zbroj svih tih važnih, ali ipak samo činjenica.

Njegova ogromna radna energija, njegova predanost svim poslovima i aktivnostima kojima se bavio, njegova neupitna stručnost i stručni autoritet, njegov ugled u zajednici, njegova odgovornost, kao i osobni integritet samo su neke od osobina koje su Miroslava Milinovića činile osobom koju sigurno nitko od nas u Srcu, ali i oni mnogobrojni u zajednici koji su s Mirom surađivali, neće nikada zaboraviti.

Rođen u Zagrebu 1962. godine, Miro je 1987. godine diplomirao matematiku na Prirodoslovno-matematičkom fakultetu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu i odmah se zaposlio u Srcu, pokazujući od samih početaka svoj odgovoran odnos prema poslu i projektima na kojima je radio. Stekavši i titulu magistra znanosti na Fakultetu elektrotehnike i računarstva Miro je napredovao u stručnoj i poslovnoj hijerarhiji Srca, da bi sve od listopada 1998. godine, pa do zadnjeg dana prošloga petka, obavljao odgovorne poslove pomoćnika ravnatelja Srca za informacijske, posredničke i aplikativne sustave.

Sada, kada nas je sudbina tako iznenada i tako prerano razdvojila, prepoznajemo da bez obzira na to što je Miro jako dobro poznat i prepoznat u našoj akademskoj i istraživačkoj zajednici kao graditelj mnogih sustava koje i danas uspješno koriste desetci tisuća ljudi, prepoznajemo da je njegova stručnost i predanost bila još više prepoznata i cijenjena u međunarodnoj zajednici, u mnogim radnim grupama, institucijama i na projektima u kojima je Miro tako uspješno sudjelovao predstavljajući Srce i hrvatsko znanje i iskustvo. Tome svjedoče doslovce desetci i desetci zapisa u elektroničkoj knjizi žalosti koju smo u subotu otvorili i desetci i desetci poruka nevjerice i žaljenja koje neprekidno dolaze u Srce iz cijele Europe i cijelog svijeta, jasno i iz Hrvatske.

Sada kada nam pred očima prolaze sve uspomene i sve te poruke, pitamo se, da li smo mu u godinama iza nas dovoljno iskazivali priznanje za sve rezultate i iskorake koje je vrijedno i nesebično izgrađivao.

Svima nama u Srcu beskrajno će nedostajati Miro, njegovo znanje, stručnost, iskustvo, poslovna predanost i odgovornost, sposobnost da u nemogućim situacijama sa svojim suradnicima ostvari zavidne, često pionirske rezultate. Mnogima će od nas nedostajati i sve one naše brižne pripreme za "teške" sastanke na kojima je Miro odlučno branio svoje vizije i stavove, a koji su u pravilu završavali pozitivnim pomacima za naše korisnike. Nedostajat će nam čak i njegovi povišeni tonovi i ljutnja kada nismo željeli “čuti“ njegove poruke, ali i oni tako topli osmjesi na rubu usta kada je bio zadovoljan ostvarenim rezultatom.

Osim mnogobrojnih ostvarenih rezultata Miro nam ostavlja i mnoge živuće sustave koje je smatrao svojim čedima i koje je posebno pozorno nadzirao, gradio, razvijao i promovirao. Iako je skoro nemoguće zamijeniti i nadoknaditi svu tu ljubav, energiju, pažnju i stručnost koju je Miro ulagao u te sustave – to je sigurno velika obaveza za sve nas u Srcu da nastavimo putem koji nas je Miro svih proteklih skoro 35 godina predvodio.

U ovom za sve nas bolnom i traumatičnom trenutku želim još jednom izraziti sućut obitelji, u ime svih nas, Mirinih Srcaša. Dijelimo s vama vaš gubitak i bol.

Jasno mi je da sve ove moje izgovorene riječi teško da mogu stvarno iskazati svu onu buru dobrih emocija, lijepih sjećanja i boli zbog preranog Mirinog odlaska i velikog gubitka koji osjećamo i kojeg ćemo tek postati svjesni u danima i tjednima pred nama.

Hvala ti Miro, na svemu što si u životu radio, hvala za entuzijazam i radni elan koji si na nas prenosio, hvala ti na odgovornosti i profesionalnoj pouzdanosti, na doprinosu međunarodnom i nacionalnom ugledu Srca, na poticajima, na savjetima i pomoći, na pohvalama i kritikama - na svemu ti veliko hvala!

I kako reče jedan kolega – očekujemo da ćeš nas sve dočekati "gore" s elektroničkim identitetima i eduroamom spremnim za uporabu.

Međusobno smo si znali govoriti „baja“, odajući profesionalno i životno uvažavanje, istinski respekt. Hvala ti BAJA što si bio s nama. Pokoj ti vječni i neka ti ja laka hrvatska zemlja!

Govor ravnatelja Srca, Ivana Marića, s ispraćaja Miroslava Milinovića 15. rujna 2021. u Zagrebu


Miroslav Milinović

 mr. sc. Miroslav Milinović

Teško je povjerovati da našeg Mire, kako su ga svi poznavali i zvali, više nema. Neizmjerno će nam nedostajati njegova ogromna radna energija, njegove poruke koje su dolazile u svako doba dana i noći bez obzira na blagdane i neradne dane, njegova neupitna stručnost, ali jednako tako i njegova upornost i profesionalna predanost u branjenju svojih stavova i vizija, što nas je ponekad vodilo u žustre rasprave... ali uvijek s ciljem da se ostvare što bolji, što kvalitetniji, što relevantniji rezultati. Hvala mu za sve što je učinio za Srce i za mnoge od nas, na tome ćemo mu biti vječno zahvalni.

U ime uprave Srca i svih zaposlenika Srca izražavamo najdublju i iskrenu sućut njegovoj obitelji, prijateljima, kolegama i suradnicima.

U nastavku obavijesti nalaze se neke činjenice iz životopisa mr. sc. Miroslava Milinovića.

Mr. sc. Miroslav Milinović rođen je u Zagrebu 1. listopada 1962. godine gdje je završio osnovnu školu i Matematičko-informatički obrazovni centar (MIOC). Diplomirao je na Matematičkom odsjeku Prirodoslovno-matematičkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu 1987. godine i stekao zvanje diplomiranog inženjera matematike. Magisterij znanosti stekao je na Fakultetu elektrotehnike i računarstva Sveučilišta u Zagrebu u studenom 2003. godine.

Odmah nakon diplomiranja zaposlio se u lipnju 1987. godine u Srcu kao pripravnik i od tada je napredovao kroz stručnu i poslovnu hijerarhiju do pozicije pomoćnika ravnatelja na kojoj se nalazi sve od 1. listopada 1998. godine.

Mnogobrojni su projekti na kojima je Miro sudjelovao i koje je vodio. Od Sustava znanstvenih informacija Hrvatske (SIZIF) u 80-ima, pa preko uspostave i funkcioniranja hrvatskog BITNET čvora krajem 80-ih i početkom 90-ih do uspostave i održavanje usluga u okviru IBM Akademske inicijative početkom i sredinom 90-ih. Veliki je doprinos dao uspostavi i izgradnji mnogobrojnih internetskih servisa i usluga u doba dovođenja Interneta u Hrvatsku i izgradnje akademske i istraživačke mreže CARNET, spomenimo samo uslugu javnog računala ili javne modemske ulaze te sustav podrške korisnicima Interneta početkom i sredinom 90-ih godina. Bio je i voditelj projektnog tima uspostave i prvi predsjednik programskog odbora CARNET-ove korisničke konferencije CUC (u razdoblju od 1999. do 2005. godine).

Kao pomoćnik ravnatelja Srca, prvo za informacijske i korisničke sustave zatim za informacijske sustave i aplikacije i na kraju za informacijsku i posredničku infrastrukturu, Miroslav Milinović je koordinirao rad mnogobrojnih timova Srca koju su gradili i razvijali nacionalne informacijske sustave i internetske aplikacije i osiguravali njihovu interoperabilnost s drugim sustavima na nacionalnoj i međunarodnoj razini.

Postoji nekoliko velikih projekata i sustava koje i danas intenzivno koriste tisuće korisnika, a ti sustavi su neraskidivo vezani za rad i angažman Miroslava Milinovića koji je kao voditelj ili suvoditelj timova suštinski doprinio njihovom nastanku i razvoju, a bili su i predmetom njegove posebne i stalne profesionalne brige i pozornosti: sustav elektroničkih identiteta AAI@EduHr – autentikacijska i autorizacijska infrastruktura sustava znanosti i obrazovanja RH, globalna roaming usluga eduroam, Portal otvorenog pristupa hrvatskim znanstvenim i stručnim časopisima – Hrčak. Ovi projekti i sustavi bili su u trenutku svojeg nastanka pravi pionirski iskoraci na razini ne samo hrvatske, nego i paneuropske e-infrastrukture. Među takvim pionirskim projektima nastalim pod vodstvom Miroslava Milinovića svakako treba spomenuti i Projekte mjerenja hrvatskog web prostora (MWP, prvo provedeno 2002. godine) i Projekt uspostave sustava za preuzimanje i arhiviranje obveznog primjerka hrvatskih mrežnih publikacija (DAMP/HAW) za potrebe NSK.

Ulažući veliku energiju u izgradnju i razvoj sustava i digitalnih usluga za potrebe akademske i istraživačke zajednice u Hrvatskoj Miroslav Milinović je puno vremena i energije ulagao i u suradnju s povezanim međunarodnim e-infrastrukturnim projektima i institucijama. Dugi niz godina bio je član Izvršnog odbora (TEC) i potpredsjednik TERENA-e (danas GEANT) za konferenciju TERENA Networking Conference (TNC), član Vijeća za europski akademski middleware (European Committee for Academic Middleware - ECAM), predsjednik Vijeća za globalnu uslugu eduroam™ (Global eduroam Governance Committee - GeGC), voditelj radnih grupa i timova u okviru GEANT projekata. Zahvaljujući tim aktivnostima Miroslav Milinović je bio međunarodno priznat i prepoznat kao ugledni hrvatski stručnjak u području izgradnje sastavnica moderne e-infrastrukture i digitalnih usluga, a njegove međunarodne aktivnosti značajno su doprinijele povezanosti i interoperabilnosti sastavnica hrvatske nacionalne e-infrastrukture s europskom i globalnom.

Miroslav Milinović autor je velikog broja znanstvenih i stručnih članaka, tečajeva, priručnika, kao i izlaganja na mnogobrojnim međunarodnim i hrvatskim stručnim skupovima vezanim za internetske tehnologije, informacijske sustave i aplikacije te sustave povjerenja. Zadnjih godina, kao član programskog odbora, značajno je doprinosio kvaliteti programskog sadržaja stručne konferencije Srca Dani e-infrastrukture - Srce DEI.

Bio je zaljubljenik u odbojku, dugo godina aktivni međunarodni odbojkaški sudac, aktivan u Udruzi sudaca Zagrebačkog odbojkaškog saveza.


On Friday, September 10, 2021, at the age of 58, our colleague, Miroslav Milinović has passed away. The indelible contribution that Miroslav Milinović gave to SRCE, and thus to the academic and research community that SRCE serves, as well as to international teams and projects, is exceptional.

It is hard to believe that our Mirek, as everyone knew and called him, is no more with us. We will miss immensely his enormous work energy, his messages that came at all times of the day and night regardless of holidays and non-working days, his unquestionable expertise, but also his perseverance and professional commitment in defending his views and visions, which has sometimes led to heated debates ... but always with the aim of achieving the best, the highest quality, the most relevant results. Thank you Miro for all you have done for the SRCE and for many of us, we will be eternally grateful to you for that.

On behalf of the management of SRCE and all SRCE employees, we express our deepest and sincere condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and associates.

From the biography of Mr. sc. Miroslav Milinović

Mr. sc. Miroslav Milinović was born in Zagreb on October 1, 1962. He graduated from the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb in 1987 and obtained a degree in mathematics. He obtained his Master of Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb in November 2003.

Immediately after graduating, he was employed in SRCE in June 1987 as an intern and has since progressed through the professional and business hierarchy to the position of Assistant Director where he has held since October 1, 1998.

There are many projects in which Miro participated and led. From the Croatian Scientific Information System (SIZIF) in the 80's, through the establishment and functioning of the Croatian BITNET node in the late 80's and early 90's to the establishment and maintenance of services within the IBM Academic Initiative in the early and mid 90's. He made a great contribution to the establishment and construction of many Internet services at the time of bringing the Internet to Croatia and the construction of the academic and research network CARNET. He was also the leader of the project team of the establishment and the first president of the program committee of the CARNET user conference CUC (in the period from 1999 to 2005).

As Assistant Director of SRCE, first for Information and User Systems then for Information Systems and Applications and finally for Information and Middleware Infrastructure, Miroslav Milinović coordinated the work of numerous SRCE teams that built and developed national information systems and Internet applications and ensured their interoperability with other systems nationally and internationally.

There are several large projects and systems that are still intensively used by thousands of users, and these systems are inextricably linked to the work and engagement of Miroslav Milinovic, who as a team leader or co-leader essentially contributed to their creation and development. worries and attention: electronic identity system AAI@EduHr - authentication and authorization infrastructure of the science and education system of the Republic of Croatia, global roaming service eduroam, Portal of open access to Croatian scientific and professional journals - HRČAK. At the time of their creation, these projects and systems were real pioneering steps at the level of not only Croatian, but also pan-European e-infrastructure. Among such pioneering projects created under the leadership of Miroslav Milinović should certainly be mentioned the Croatian Web Space Measurement Projects (MWP, first implemented in 2002) and the Project for Establishing a System for Downloading and Archiving Mandatory Copies of Croatian Online Publications (DAMP / HAW) for National and University Library (NSK).

Investing a lot of energy in the construction and development of systems and digital services for the needs of the academic and research community in Croatia, Miroslav Milinović has invested a lot of time and energy in cooperation with related international e-infrastructure projects and institutions. For many years he was a member of the Executive Board (TEC) and Vice President of TERENA (now GEANT) for the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC), a member of the European Committee for Academic Middleware (ECAM), President of the Global Service Council eduroam Global (Global eduroam Governance Committee - GeGC), leader of working groups and teams within GEANT projects. Thanks to these activities, Miroslav Milinović was internationally recognized as a prominent Croatian expert in the field of building components of modern e-infrastructure and digital services, and his international activities have significantly contributed to the connection and interoperability of Croatian national e-infrastructure components with European and global.

Miroslav Milinović is the author of a large number of scientific and professional articles, courses, manuals, as well as presentations at numerous international and Croatian professional conferences related to Internet technologies, information systems and applications and trust  and identity systems. In recent years, as a member of the program committee, he has significantly contributed to the quality of the program content of the SRCE conference e-Infrastructure Days - SRCE DEI.

He was a passionate volleyball fan, many years active as international volleyball referee, and active in the Association of Referees in Zagreb Volleyball Federation.